Snakemu v2 OBD1 Emulator
Snakemu v2 OBD1 Emulator  Snakemu v2 OBD1 Emulator 

Snakemu v2 OBD1 Emulator

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The Snakemu v2 is an OBD1 Honda ECU emulator which allows for real-time tuning, live datalogging, & bluetooth connectability. 

Professional installation is recommended, OxyTuned is not responsible for any damage caused due to improper installation.

(Product description from manufacter)

Most capable Moates DEMON replacement with bult in BlueTooth and bunch of unique features.

  •  Easy Connect. Choose "Snake OBD1 EMU" in HTS Emulator Settings. No COM port settings or drivers required (Win 10 and above with HTS 2.22).
  •  Bluetooth. Built in module for wireless capability. * Dual Datalog. While USB connected with HTS and datalogging your Android Bluetooth Dashboard stay functional and datalogging too.
  •  Datalog Keeper. Keep datalog alive while you turn ignition off. It"s help back to datalogging when you turn ignition on 10-20 times faster than standard reconnect to COM port after disconnect.
  • Analog inputs. 5 onboard analog inputs for datalogging and monitoring data. Dual emulator mode (you can set in service utility)
  • DEMON mode. All extended features of DEMON board and unique features of Snake OBD1 EMU are here. Set by default.
  • OSTRICH mode. Legacy compatibility for any software with OSTRICH protocol. What vehicles does SnakeEMU support? Honda Civic’s 1992-2000 Acura Integra’s 1992-2000 Honda Prelude’s 1992-2000 Honda CRV’s 1997-2001 OBD0 Vehicles Requires OBD1 Distributor & Jumper Harness OBD1 Vehicles are Plug&Play OBD2 Vehicles Requires Jumper Harness


Products sold by OxyTuned are intended for off road use only.

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